Welcome future White Calvente Guindalera!

We continue with the exhaustive selection of our best grapes clusters for the elaboration of our future White Calvente Guindalera 2017, coming from our old pre-phylloxera vineyards.

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19 de agosto de 2017

Our best reward after a year of mime and care for our vineyards.

We start de harvest!

Our Moscatel of Alejandría, our best reward after a year of mime and care for our vineyards, in Guindalera Land.

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04 de agosto de 2017

Calvente Guindalera 2011 (Red Wine) in Nordjyske

Calvente has received great news through one of its Danish customers:

Jørgen la Cour-Harbo, writer and editorial director responsible for the production and coordination of Nordjyske, and collaborator of the television program "Vin med la Cour," writes an article about our Calvente Guindalera Tinto 2011.

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29 de agosto de 2016

Second consecutive SILVER medal for CALVENTE GUINDALERA, red wine

Second consecutive silver medal for CALVENTE GUINDALERA TINTO, this time being named one of the best Spanish red wines for the US.

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15 de agosto de 2016

BRONZE medal to Brut Nature Rania

BRONZE medal for our new Brut Nature Rania in the V edition of the competition held in Miami "Best Spanish Wines for USA".

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08 de agosto de 2016

GOLD Medal for Calvente Guindalera, white wine.

Gold Medal for Calvente Guindalera Blanco in the V Contest of the Best Spanish Wines for USA MIAMI 2016

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01 de agosto de 2016


This fifth edition was a great success both for the quality of the wines presented as the competition jury.

All wines were tasted by the jurors, (sommeliers, importers, journalists, distributors ...) led by our master of ceremonies Sébastien Verrier, a professor at the US Sommelier Association, consultant wines of Hotel Saint Regis Miami and importer of wines Florida.

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18 de julio de 2016

2015 New vintage of Calvente

Bodegas H. Calvente presents its new vintage of 2015 Calvente, a young fresh white wine to accompany all kinds of appetizers, seafood and fish.

Discover its fruit and floral aromas!

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26 de mayo de 2016

White Calvente Guindalera was recognized as one of the best Spanish wines In United Kingdo

Calvente showed his presence among the 100 best Spanish wines in the UK market, award recognized last November 5 at the Embassy of Spain in London.

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05 de noviembre de 2015