Bodegas H. Calvente was born of the dream and vision of entrepreneur Horacio Calvente, who was determined to recover old, forgotten vineyards. He built on the passion and experience of his predecessors, adding a constant dedication to continuous improvement. His determination led to the production of fascinating wines.

Bodegas H. Calvente is a small, artisanal winery. Craftsmanship and low production allow us to strive for true excellence in the end product: singular wines with a distinct personality. That is what makes our wine so exclusive.

The secret lies in the terroir of the old vineyards that grow on a few hectares of land in La Guindalera and Castillejos,  and the influence of unique microclimate. The altitude of the area and the sea breeze moderate the temperatures while the grapes are ripening. The slow and balanced maturation achieves a perfect balance in the characteristics of our vines.

The land and climate of this area is rare, so our grapes are completely different from the same varieties grown in other areas. Our centuries-old vineyards are not irrigated. They produce less than 4000 kg of grapes per hectare, allowing us to obtain exceptionally high-quality grapes.

In Bodegas H. Calvente, we select our grapes manually and patiently. We allow them to ferment naturally, focusing on originality and personality. With the grapes that nature offers us, we create unique, unrepeatable wines, unlike any other wine on the market.